Igniting neuroethical imagination

Feeling stifled in your problem-solving? We can empower you to expand your ethical horizons.

  • What capacities does my team need to gain neuroethical insights? We can tailor training to establish and enhance the capacity of your team to identify an neuroethical problem and how to address them when then arise. Do you want to advance your in-house executive ability to identify and resolve ethical problems? Do you need a company-wide ethics retreat to build trust and align ethical priorities? We can also help you determine for whom that training would bring most value and how to create communities and cultures of ethical inquiry.
  • What is the landscape of neuroethical issues related to my work? With our deep knowledge, training, and leadership in the neurotech ethics ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to provide an overview of neuroethical issues related to your work. Do you need a seminar-based overview of the state of the art in ethics in your tech work? Do you need a workshop to more deeply understand the value-conflicts in the neurotech landscape? We can help co-create platforms to share and exchange that knowledge.