What’s your neuro-ethics strategy?

Trust us. You need an neuroethics strategy. We will co-create one with you.

  • What tools do I need to align my values with my actions? Once we diagnose your neuroethical pain points, we can help you design a treatment plan. Do you need to assemble an ethics board, a code of conduct, neuroethics framework or protocol, and/or training? How can we establish or upgrade the implementation and your strategic initiatives to breathe life into your most deeply held values. We can help you map out the most effective plan of action.
  • Who needs to be at the table? We use our experience with our vast neuroscience and neuroethics networks from the private sector, government, to academia to determine which perspectives can enrich your work and help harmonize values. To have an effective strategy, you’ll want to explore who is at the table and who might be missing. Do you want to enrich your day-to-day operations or resolve your unique conflicts with collaborative thinking? We can assemble, convene, and facilitate sophisticated workshops and consensus meetings tailored to your needs.